Calculators, apps and other digital tools for Paediatricians

noun_newborn_1406068.pngNeonatal calculators/medications

noun_ECG_2360801.pngCardiac calculators

noun_chart_1003571.png Percentile charts and percentile calculators

noun_medication_1468441.png Medications

noun_Percent_251678.png Improving numerical literacy

noun_Kidneys_373229.png Renal tools and calculators

noun_psych_2513411.png Psychiatry

  • DSM-5. This link requires hospital wifi or clinicians health channel log in to access.

noun_dictionary_2556719.png Plain language writing

noun_Anesthetic_1685278.png Procedural sedation and analgesia

  • Comfort Kids from RCH. A guide to sedation positioning, principles and medications (eg midazolam, topical, fentanyl).

noun_language app_1457398.png Health information for families

  • Paediatrics Online. A static website listing health information resources, sorted by topic, chosen for their quality as assessed by paediatricians from NSW. A focus on developmental, behavioural, mental health and general paediatrics focused resources.

Rainbow-Flag-1499702083 Gender diversity

  • Emerging Minds, with Susanne Prosser, has created several resources including, an outstanding checklist for creating a welcoming organisation for trans and gender diverse children, and how to support trans and gender diverse children and their families. Both are PDF documents free to download.