What influence do search engines have on the health information we see?

And how does this curation process impact our digital health literacy and health outcomes? “There once was a time when Google displayed the same results for everybody, but those days are gone and are changing at a rapid pace.” Let’s start with a fictional case to set the scene... We have a fictional child, 15 … Continue reading What influence do search engines have on the health information we see?

Developing digital health solutions for consumers

How do we develop the best consumer-facing digital health intervention, using the best available resources and theories to change meaningful health outcomes? Consumer informatics is increasing in reach, functionality and desirability. Consumer informatics involves digital health interventions targeting consumers, patients and families. Digital health interventions are defined as “a discrete functionality of digital technology that … Continue reading Developing digital health solutions for consumers

Healthy Children Media Plan

Healthychildren.org, is a health information website targeting parents form the American Academy of Paediatrics. Within it, they have a website that lets families build a media plan to clearly define how and when screens may be used in and out of the household. Access the resource here: https://www.healthychildren.org/English/media/Pages/default.aspx It's good because: It is tailored to … Continue reading Healthy Children Media Plan

Neonatal early-onset sepsis calculator

Access the calculator here: https://neonatalsepsiscalculator.kaiserpermanente.org/ By Kaiser Permanente Division of Research. Publication by JAMA: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed?term=28241253 Outcomes: fewer antibiotics for babies reduced reliance on CRP (which has ~75% sensitivity, ~85% sensitivity). Risks: Risk of delayed treatment Unsure of validity in maternal chorioamnionitis. Is the baby unwell or not? Here are the guidelines from Kaiser Permanente The … Continue reading Neonatal early-onset sepsis calculator

Merck Manual BP percentiles

Calculate BP percentile based on gender, age and height. Needs data for systolic and diastolic BP. Only for children aged 2-17 years old. Girls - click here Boys - click here Referenced from this Pediatrics publication, Z-score calculations and CDC data.   There is more information on investigation and management of hypertension from the Royal … Continue reading Merck Manual BP percentiles