Telehealth Parent-Child Interaction Therapy by Karitane (rural NSW only)

Karitane, a NSW based government-funded agency, is delivering internet delivered Parent Child Interaction Therapy (I-PCIT) to toddlers and pre-schoolers with disruptive behaviour.

Access the resource here:

Parents need an online referral from ANY health professional.

I-PCIT is based on the widely researched parent-child interaction therapy. PCIT is normally delivered to families who attend a clinic with a specially trained psychologist. In the clinic, which has a one-way glass to observe the parent-child interaction, the psychologist provides targeted coaching to help train the parent through a series of competencies.

I-PCIT is delivered by using a wireless device, such as a Bluetooth headset and a webcam, or a laptop or tablet.

Cost: Free for 15mo – 4yo in rural or remote NSW through Karitane

Platform: Many (laptop, phone, tablet)


In a pilot RCT of I-PCIT, they developed a pilot randomised control trial to compare standard CPIT with I-PCIT, among a small sample (n=40) of 3-5-year-old children with disruptive behaviour. Compared to PCIT, I-PCIT showed:

  • equivalent efficacy
  • better treatment satisfaction

PCIT has established systematic review level evidence to help externalising behaviours across a variety of populations (see the research).


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