Parentworks is an online parenting program for children aged 2-16 years. It helps parents manage child behaviour (tantrums, aggression). It specifically mentions it is father-friendly.

Developed by: Professor Mark Dadds and co at University of Sydney.

To learn more, visit

To participate in the program, and their research trial, click here or visit

They don’t have any evidence on this program (that I’m aware of), hence the research trial, but the program is apparently based on evidence-based strategies, from a very knowledgeable team in the child mental health space.

Cost: Free

Content: 5-8 modules of 20-30 minutes.

Platform: Don’t know (let me know by clicking here)

From their website:

“ParentWorks is a free online program for Australian parents and caregivers of children aged 2 to 16. It provides evidence-based parenting strategies to improve parenting skills, confidence and child behaviour.

ParentWorks is part of a research project called Like Father Like Son, conducted by the University of Sydney and proudly funded by the Movember Foundation. To find out more about the project click here.

As ParentWorks is part of a research study, participation will involve completing a series of online questionnaires about you and your family at three time points: the start of the program, once you have completed the program, and three months later. These questions will help us improve the program, and will allow you to track your progress during the program by giving you feedback each time you complete them. To find out more about the research study, please click here.”

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