Raising Children webinars

The Parenting Research Centre/Raising Children network run regular webinars on behaviour, sleep and mental health. They are at a set time, 40 minutes long with 20 minutes of discussion time. They are recorded so parents’ can watch them again later.

Access the eHealth resource here: https://raisingchildren.net.au/guides/webinars

Created by: Parenting Research Centre

Cost: Free

Platform: Webinato app on mobile. Web based on PC/Mac

Optimised for mobile: Yes


From their website: “ParentingNow webinars offer free, live advice from trusted parenting experts on topics that matter to you. They offer support for parents without the need for appointments or fees and are delivered in real time to the comfort of your home. They’re also a chance to hear from other parents facing challenges like yours. ParentingNow webinars are developed by the Parenting Research Centre in collaboration with Australian experts, brought to you by the Raising Children Network, and funded by the Victorian Department of Education and Training.”

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