Anxiety Coach by Mayo Clinic

Anxiety coach is an app for child and adolescent anxiety using graded exposure CBT. It has almost finished it’s randomised control trial.

Access the eHealth resource here.

Created by: Stephen Whiteside, Mayo Clinic

Evidence: N/A

Cost: $4.99

Platform: iOS

Optimised for mobile: Yes

Program duration:

From their website: “Mayo Clinic Anxiety Coach is a comprehensive self-help tool for reducing a wide variety of fears and worries from extreme shyness to obsessions and compulsions. Anxiety Coach helps you make a list of feared activities and then guides you through mastering them one by one. Through this experience you can increase your confidence as you become less fearful and worried.”

Study details

  • Study protocol
  • N= 70
  • Sample population: N/A
  • Measures: N/A
  • Effect size: N/A

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