“Sparx” for depression

SPARX is a New Zealand developed interactive fantasy computer game to help 12-19-year-olds with mild or moderate depression. It has also been shown to prevent depression symptoms prior to commencing year 12.

Unfortunately, it is currently only available in New Zealand.

Access the eHealth resource here: https://www.sparx.org.nz/

Created by: University of Auckland

Evidence: Level 1B (randomised control trial)

Cost: Free

Platform: iOS and Android

Optimised for mobile: Yes

Program duration: 7 levels taking ~1 hour each

Copy from website: “SPARX is a computer program that helps young people with mild to moderate depression. It can also help if you’re feeling anxious or stressed. If you want to know if SPARX is right for you, complete the Mood Quiz. It was developed with the help of young people and is based on a type of ‘talking therapy’ called Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, or CBT for short. You can do CBT with a counsellor or a psychologist but you can also learn CBT skills from SPARX. All you need is a computer with access to the internet.”

Study details:

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