Bite Back

The website is designed for 13-17-year-olds with depression, anxiety or stress. It contains health information and interactive exercises.

Within a general population of teenagers, they found using the service more than 3 times a week, or spending more than 30 minutes per week on it, was associated with significant improvements in depression, anxiety or stress scores.

Access the eHealth resource here:

Created by: Black Dog Insitute

Evidence: Level 1B (randomised control trial)

Cost: Free

Platform: Website

Optimised for mobile: Yes

Program duration: at least 30 minutes per week, or 3 or more visists per week.

The website states: “BITE BACK is an online interactive space where you can learn how to amplify the good stuff in life! Through our activities, videos and fact sheets you can learn how to increase your levels of wellbeing, deal with stress and harness your strengths so you can live your best life.”

Study details:


  • N = 235
  • Study type: RCT
  • Comparison: control websites
  • Sample population: 12-18yo general population (did NOT have to identify as having problems with depression, anxiety or stress)
  • Recruitment: School email, advertising from youth organisations.
  • Measures: up to 6 weeks after intervention started.
    • Depression Anxiety Stress Scale-Short form (DASS-21)
    • Short Warwick-Edinburgh Mental Well-Being Scale (SWEMWBS)

Effect size: Use of the website for 30 minutes or more per week reduced depression and stress symptoms, and improved wellbeing. Use of the website 3 or more times per week reduced depression and anxiety symptoms, and improves well-being. There was no effect with less frequent use.

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