What influence do search engines have on the health information we see?

And how does this curation process impact our digital health literacy and health outcomes? “There once was a time when Google displayed the same results for everybody, but those days are gone and are changing at a rapid pace.” Let’s start with a fictional case to set the scene... We have a fictional child, 15 … Continue reading What influence do search engines have on the health information we see?


Developing digital health solutions for consumers

How do we develop the best consumer-facing digital health intervention, using the best available resources and theories to change meaningful health outcomes? Consumer informatics is increasing in reach, functionality and desirability. Consumer informatics involves digital health interventions targeting consumers, patients and families. Digital health interventions are defined as “a discrete functionality of digital technology that … Continue reading Developing digital health solutions for consumers


The Journey Begins

I'm a Paediatrician based in Geelong. I've built this website to help paediatricians find, review and recommend evidence-based eHealth resources for families. On this website, you can find eHealth interventions for patients and their families. I have included information on where to find the resources, the evidence level, how much time it takes, and if … Continue reading The Journey Begins


Parentworks is an online parenting program for children aged 2-16 years. It helps parents manage child behaviour (tantrums, aggression). It specifically mentions it is father-friendly. Developed by: Professor Mark Dadds and co at University of Sydney. To learn more, visit parentworks.org.au/ To participate in the program, and their research trial, click here or visit parentworks.org.au/#/register … Continue reading Parentworks

Telehealth Parent-Child Interaction Therapy by Karitane (rural NSW only)

Karitane, a NSW based government-funded agency, is delivering internet delivered Parent Child Interaction Therapy (I-PCIT) to toddlers and pre-schoolers with disruptive behaviour. Access the resource here: https://karitane.com.au/internet-parent-child-interaction-therapy. Parents need an online referral from ANY health professional. I-PCIT is based on the widely researched parent-child interaction therapy. PCIT is normally delivered to families who attend a … Continue reading Telehealth Parent-Child Interaction Therapy by Karitane (rural NSW only)

Resources to tackle obesity (and overweight)

Recommended by Louise Baur, at the NBPSA conference 2019. I'm not aware of any evidence for the following digital resources, but they are based on evidence-based strategies. Healthy Kids - NSW government website Includes a brilliant single page, A4 printout on 8 strategies to keep or obtain a healthy weight (click here to access the … Continue reading Resources to tackle obesity (and overweight)